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What is Duty Volunteering?

Duty Volunteering is a fun and rewarding way to volunteer your time’ doing a set task that helps our toy library run. It's with the generous help of volunteers that we are able to smoothly run our very busy borrowing sessions. Without your help, we simply couldn’t run our sessions and ensure our toys meet the highest quality and safety standards. 

Members are required to complete 6 hours of Duty Volunteering each 12 months of your Basic or Standard membership. Each standard in-library 2 hour duty spot is worth 1 duty credit. If you choose an alternative duty option, we will let you know how many credits that duty spot is worth, however in general most duty options will equal 1 duty credit. 

Premium Members are not required to complete any duty, as they have paid an additional fee to opt-out of doing any duty volunteering. Basic and Standard members are also welcome to pay-as-you go, a $25 fee for each duty credit they can’t or do not wish to do. (the $25 fee exempts the member from 1 x 2hr duty shift). Basic and Standard membership members are welcome to upgrade their membership to Premium at any point during their membership year. Any previous outstanding duty will need to either be completed paid for before upgrading. 

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Duty toys are a special section of our toy collection jam-packed with some of the best, most unique and sought-after toys in our collection. Duty toys are only available to members when they complete their duty volunteering, or when they pay for a duty credit. Please note: Premium members have access to borrow 4 duty toys annually as part of their membership. 

Duty toys are special and can only be borrowed for maximum of 21 days. Duty toys CAN NOT be reborrowed and MUST BE RETURNED after the 21 day loan period. They are borrowed as an extra item on top of your usual borrowing allowance. If you can’t find the duty toy you are looking for on the day you do duty, you are welcome to borrow a duty toy at a later time, just ask the coordinator to note this on your member account. You are also welcome to take 1 extra toy from our standard collection instead of a duty toy if you wish. 

Types of Duty


To make it easier for our members, we have developed a range of duty tasks to suit all families. You are welcome to complete multiple duty shifts on the same day or at the same same time if completing different types of duty. You can even have another family member complete your duty on your behalf if this is more convenient for you. 


Most of our duty spots are our STANDARD IN LIBRARY DUTY. The main task required is counting toys, checking for missing pieces, as well as checking for any broken or problem toy parts. From time to time you may also be asked to complete a range of other tasks including returning toys to the shelf, general tidying and cleaning, toy part engraving, marking and contacting, as well as helping at the out desk if required. 

Duty is an enjoyable experience and a great chance for you to see the range of toys available at the library. Plus you’ll get to meet other toy library families. As a bonus, duty members have first pick of the toys being returned!

Kids are welcome to attend duty with you. They are welcome to choose a toy to play with from the shelf whilst at duty. We will ask you to fully clean and return to the shelf all toys played with before you leave.


This is the first of our NEW roster duty options - A DUTY@HOME spot is a simple task you will be able to complete at home. Once your duty is booked, you’ll need to pick up your ‘task’ from the library session on the day it is booked for, and return the items with the task complete WITHIN 3 WEEKS, to receive a duty credit (you can borrow a duty toy on return). Tasks will be packed in 1-2 large blue ikea bags, for you to easily take home and will include any supplies you might need to complete the task. Please ensure you return these supplies when you return your task to the library. There is no need to book an appointment to return your task, you can do this at any session within the three week time period that suits you. Please advise the session coordinator when you are returning your task, so your duty spot can be marked as complete. Please note, you can only do one Duty@Home per term.  


Some of our DUTY@HOME tasks might include:

  • Battery testing toys

  • Giving a selection of toys a good clean

  • Completing a Quality & Safety checklist on a selection of toys(you’ll be provided with instructions on how to complete this)

  • When other specific DUTY@HOME tasks not listed above are required, we will mention this in the booking information


We need all sorts of help to keep our library running - one way you can do your duty is to complete a DUTY ONLINE. This duty will help us build our online presence, marketing and promotional tasks. 

To complete a DUTY ONLINE spot you will need to book an available Duty Online spot through your member login, and complete the following tasks WITHIN 3 WEEKS to get a duty credit. These tasks should take you no more than 2 hours to complete. 

Your DUTY ONLINE tasks will include:

  • Like us on Facebook and/or Instagram or both. 

  • Like 5 of our posts and comment on 5 of our posts. 

  • Share our Maroondah Toy Library Facebook page or one of our posts on your own page. 

  • Write us a review on either Facebook or Google/or write a review of a favourite toy you have borrowed recently.

  • And finally, email us at to let us know you have completed the tasks. Once we have checked these 5 items, your duty will be marked as complete.  

In addition, we are always looking for images of members children playing with our amazing range of toys. We’d love it if at the same time you could send us any photos of your kids playing with our toys that you are happy for us to share online, either on our website, Facebook page, Instagram page or other online and printed marketing/media. 

Please note you can only do DUTY ONLINE once per year. There is only 1 Duty Online spot available each week so get in quick! 


Once a month, we will hold an evening duty session from 7pm till 9pm at the library to help us fix up and check current toys, as well as process new toys so they are ready for borrowing. From time to time there may be other tasks to complete during the session which will be detailed when you are booking in. Spaces are limited so book in quickly - check the duty roster for the date as this will change each month. You can book your DUTY@NIGHT spot through your member login.

Some of our DUTY@NIGHT tasks might include:

  • Counting and double checking toy parts lists

  • Stocktaking toys

  • Marking and engraving toy parts

  • Contacting

  • Labeling boxes and bags

  • Plus a range of other tasks as required

Recycling and Bin Duty

Once a fortnight on a Monday we have a duty spot available just to help us out with waste! Come in during opening hours (9:30 - 1:30pm) and help us by taking the waste and bins out to the street. We also will get you to take our soft- plastics recycling with you to take to a Woolworths or Coles Redcycle collection point. 

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