Visiting Maroondah Toy Library

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We are so excited that we are back up and running to our full opening hours for 2021! We thank each and every member for their continued support during the difficult times through COVID in 2020. We know its not over yet, so we want to make sure that your visit to Maroondah Toy Library is as easy, carefree and COVIDsafe as possible. 

We are continuing to make a few changes to our service to ensure that during this time of social distancing we can continue to provide a first-class, safe borrowing service to our members and we've reopened our library of over 4,600 toys, games and puzzles to help get you back into the swing of things. 

Some things to remember when visiting toy library:

  • CLEAN: Members must CLEAN TOYS before they can be returned

  • BOOK: Book your 30 minute APPOINTMENT through your member site

  • DROP: Leave your returned toys in the DROP ZONE in our hallway to be checked and counted later

  • CHECK IN: Visit the desk just inside the front door where we will check with you that you have CLEANED ALL TOYS, BOXES and BAGS prior to visiting

  • BROWSE: BROWSE our shelves for items to borrow

  • BORROW: Take your toys to the LOANS DESK to be borrowed. 


Attending Sessions 

  • The Department of Health and Human Services' Infection Prevention and Control Unit has provided specific advice to toy libraries including that members must clean toys before returning them. This is now a DHHS requirement so when you return toys we will ask if they’ve been cleaned.  The session coordinator will check with you upon arrival, that you have cleaned all your toys. If they haven't been cleaned you’ll be asked to use our cleaning station to do so. This includes toy bags and boxes. Fabric bags, puzzle sleeves and fabric toy elements should be gently hand or machine washed (please remove any laminated toy labels prior). You can view Toy Libraries Australia's cleaning guidelines here.


  • You will need to book a 30-minute appointment via the Appointments tab on your Member login for all people (including children - kids are people too!) who will visit the session and add their full name to the comments section of the booking. At this time we will no longer allow walk-ins to our sessions to ensure we maintain social distancing and density requirements.  

  • To help us service all families in our membership we ask that you keep your toy library visit brief and if possible, visit without children

  • Please only touch toys you're going to take home and don’t remove them from their bags in the library. This will be tough for children excited about new toys, so please chat to them about this rule and keep them close during your visit, or try to come solo.


  • Prepare before your visit: Browse our extensive toy collection online via your Member site before your appointment. Try using the Favourites function to make a list of toys you'd like to borrow plus check what's in the library before you come in. This will help keep your time at the library to your 30 minute appointment slot. You will no longer be able to place holds on the toys you wish to borrow - just come in and browse directly from our shelves.

  • Under our new Covid Safe guidelines, we will no longer be accepting cash payments. A session coordinator can take any payments if you wish to renew or upgrade your membership, hire toy payments or non-duty levy at this time. Under the current Covid restrictions, WE REQUIRE CARD ONLY PAYMENTS. We encourage you to log on to your member site as all payments can also be made online via your member site prior to visiting. 

  • Under our new Covid Safe guidelines, All payments will now be CARD ONLY - we will no longer be accepting cash payments. A session coordinator can still take any payments in session via CARD ONLY if you wish to renew or upgrade your membership, make a hire toy payment or pay non-duty levy at this time. We encourage you to log on to your member site as all payments can also be made online via your member site prior to visiting.

  • Borrowing limits have been doubled to allow for any returned toys still to be counted. Please continue to borrow only your regular borrowing allowance. If you are on a Basic or 4-Toy membership you should continue to only have 4 toys at home. You will likely have to return toys to do this.

  • The library will be closed between 12-1pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, to allow our staff to clean and sanitise between our morning and afternoon appointment sessions. Please also use the hand sanitiser available at the front entrance or library door, before entering the toy room. Your health and safely remains our priority.​​

  • We will continue to monitor and improve our service each week. Appointments are now available to book through your member site. Walk ins are also welcome, however you may be asked to wait outside if the session is full, as priority will be given to those with an appointment. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date with any changes.  

  • We welcome new members. Please email us at to book a new member tour. Alternatively, you can sign up and pay online prior to booking an appointment online and visiting.


Volunteer Duty, Non-duty Levy & Membership Extensions

  • We are excited to announce that our regular duty roster is now back up and running for 2021! We recognise that as times are changing, it might not always be possible for member to complete our traditional duty in session. As such, we have introduced a range of new duty options, including DUTY@HOME, DUTY ONLINE and DUTY@NIGHT. We will also still be offering our standard duty in session as our main duty option. You can find out more about what's involved in completing our new duty options HERE. 

  •  We are also seeking regular session volunteers, library members and community volunteers who can attend a regular block of 2-3 hours each week. If you would like to volunteer your time on a regular basis with the library, please email and we will roster you into a regular volunteering session.

  • We have extended all memberships that were current throughout our Covid closure period.  The extension has been calculated based on the number of days we where closed, that you would have ordinarily been able to access the toy library service. Please log into your member site and check your new membership expiry date, based on your membership extension. 

  • Our standard borrowing period has returned to 3 weeks, however members can still renew their current toys for another 3 weeks through the online member site  

Social distancing and health advice 


To follow safe social distancing guidelines, if you are planning to visit the library for ANY REASON, either to borrow or return, you will need to book a 30-minute appointment to do so. This ensures that we are practising safe social distancing and keeping the health and safety of our library staff, library members and greater community in mind.

If planning to attend toy library please follow government health and social distancing guidelines:

  • Please stay at home if you are experiencing any cold/flu-type symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath.

  • If a member of your family is sick, please keep your toys at home for at least 14 days before return.


If you have any questions about this process please email us on