Frequently Asked Questions

Ideal Requirements

You must have completed a 200 hour level 1 teacher training and be teaching regular classes for at least 18 months. You have had a regular daily practice for at least 4-5 years. Students who have completed a Brahmani training or a training with one of the other teachers, will get first consideration. Please apply for this course with a willingness to go through the processes of understanding classic Yoga history as well as being open to new ideas regarding the process of yoga.
Please note: If you do not meet all the requirnments please don't rule yourself out. These are just a guideline. Reach out and ask!


The price depends on the type and location of the training. Our training intensives in India would include accommodation and food. Our modular based training in Europe would be based only on your tuition.

Course Structure

We offer two types of Level 2 Trainings.

  1. Intensives in Goa
    This month long intensive is held at the beautiful Satsanga Retreat in Goa every December. This is a fully immersive experience and best suited to students who benefit from this type of experiece. Or if you have only a limited time for training.
  2. Modular based training in Europe
    Every year I offer a training somwhere in Europe. This is split into 3 x 10 day modules split up over 12 months. This is more beneficial for people who prefer a longer period to embody the teachings. Slowly and deeply embrace the teachings!

A note about yoga alliance

Please note that our courses will no longer be registered with Yoga Alliance. Julie continues to stand up for quality and integrity and has found over the last 15 years of training teachers, YA has failed to maintain any standards. For those of you who are unaware, Yoga Alliance is not a governing body. They are an association that offers a registry. There is no accountability and the minimum standards are not enough for the Brahmani Team to align with. Julie is passionate about educating teachers, studios and students to investigate the relevance of YA in current times. Let’s go above and beyond the minimum and train for excellence

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