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All members of Maroondah Toy Library will have a member number and login. Your member number is your key to accessing the library. You can view all the toys in the library via your member login that we have sent to your email. You'll be able to view what toys you have on loan and when they are due back. You can also make any overdue payments, along with booking in for your roster duty (more on this below). You can also renew your membership online or book party hire toys. 


Monday: 9.30am - 1.30pm

Tuesday: 9.30am - 1.30pm

Thursday: 9.30am - 1.30pm

Saturday: 9.30am - 5.00pm

Maroondah Toy Library is currently open 4 days per week - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. We are open on weekends and through school holidays unless stated otherwise, but closed public holidays. We recommend you follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with all our news and announcements, including any closed sessions, plus additional and evening roster duty spots. 

New Members Info

Hello, and welcome to the Maroondah Toy Library Community. We are so glad you have joined our community. Here you will find all the necessary information to help you through the early stages of your membership. You can refer back to this page at any time should you need a refresher of the information. Remember, you will have also received this information in your new member welcome email, along with your member log-in email.

Maroondah Toy Library offers a number of different membership types to suit all families.

Our three main membership types are:


BASIC: (includes 6 hours of duty volunteering)

12 month: Borrow up to 4 toys at a time, requires 6 hours volunteering    $110 ($88 Concession)

STANDARD: (includes 6 hours duty volunteering)

12 month: Borrow up to 8 toys at a time, requires 6 hours volunteering    $150 ($120 Concession)

PREMIUM: (no duty volunteering required)

12 month: Borrow up to 8 toys at a time, no duty volunteering    $225 ($180 Concession)

3 week: Borrow up to 8 toys at a time, no duty volunteering    $35 ($28 Concession)

For an additional $60 members can add an extra 4 toy allowance to the 12 month Standard and Premium memberships. 



12 month Standard: Borrow up to 4 games at a time, requires 4 hours volunteering    $80 ($64 Concession)

12 month Premium: Borrow up to 4 games at a time, no duty volunteering    $130 ($104 Concession)

We also offer Gift Memberships, available to purchase. Great for membership renewal or introducing a new family or friend to toy library.

Membership Types


Maroondah Toy Library currently has over 4600 toys, games educational toys, puzzles and more in our toy collection. With over 500 member families in our community, there is always something new and exciting on the shleves to borrow when you visit the library, as members borrow and return toys. Our committee continues to work hard behind the scenes to add loads of great new toys to our collection. There is always something new and exciting to borrow when you visit toy library! When borrowing, each bag or toy set is considered as 1 toy, with the exception of puzzles and costumes - these count as half a toy each, so two puzzles, two costumes, or 1 puzzle + 1 costume would count as a single toy. 

When visiting and borrowing in session:

  • If you are returning toys - first take toys with over 10 parts to the back toy room for counting. 

  • Toys with 10 or less pieces will be checked on the spot by the coordinator at the In Desk.   

  • At the In Desk, quote your member number to staff where your toys will be checked in on the computer and any missing or damaged pieces can be recorded.  

  • Please return your returned toys neatly to the correct shelves then select your new toys to borrow.

  • Please take your new toys for borrowing to the out desk, where they will be borrowed against you member number. 

A few things to remember:

Toys are on loan for up to 21 days and can be renewed for further 21 days via your Member Login. You will receive an email shortly after your first visit to the library with your member login details and further instructions.


Please note, you will not be able to renew a toy you currently have on loan, if it is a Duty Toy, No Renew or Party Hire toy. Remember, you are welcome to visit and borrow from the library as frequently as you might like, keeping within your membership borrowing limit. However, you will need to return your overdue toys before you can borrow new toys. You will be sent an email reminder a few days before your toys are due.


When you get your new toys home, remove them from the bag and check that all pieces are there, then put the bags/boxes somewhere safe. These bags/boxes form part of the toy and are your responsibility to return with the toy. 

When it's time to return the toys the bags will remind you of the pieces you need to look for. Don't leave it until the last minute to pack up toys for returning - they will need a clean and thorough check.


A late fine of $10 per week, regardless of the number of toys, is charged to your account if your toys are 14 days or more overdue. Please note you won't be able to borrow new toys until you have returned the overdue toy/s.

Please help us keep our toy collection in top condition- you will need to clean the toys before you return them. Most toys (plastic and wooden) can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth with diluted dish soap. Do not submerge toys, especially with enclosed parts as they may become impossible to dry. See our full online instructions for full details on how to keep our toys clean.


Please let us know if any part of a toy is not working or damaged, as this isn’t always obvious when counting or returning. Breakages are rare so don’t be discouraged from borrowing because of this. Although our toys are sturdy and good quality, we understand that toys and our toy packaging can be broken through fair wear and tear. If this happens, please return the toy and broken pieces and let staff at the Returns Desk know. Any toys broken due to reasons other than fair wear and tear (such as toys chewed by a pet, drawn on, or stained) will be referred to our committee for assessment, and a repair or replacement fee will be applicable. 


Please do not repair any toys, or replace any pieces yourself. Our toys have a strict criteria to ensure they meet our safety standards that we need to maintain.


By counting all the toy parts as they are returned we try to make sure that the toy is complete when it is next borrowed - BUT! some still slip through with pieces missing. Please check and count all pieces before your child uses them. Please report any missing pieces or damage you notice when you first open the toy, and you will not be fined for the loss/damage when the toy is returned. 

Most lost parts are later found at home so we will often ask you to reborrow the toy until the piece is found. Please do not replace lost pieces with those from another toy. If the part still cannot be found, we will add the missing part to your member account. We will charge a $5 fine per missing piece if you have more than 5 missing pieces on your account. You can find a list of all missing parts recorded on your account via your Member Site. If you do then find the piece at home (even if many months later), please return the piece to us and if there is an applicable fine it will be refunded. 

In the case of a vital piece being lost, you may be asked to subsidise the toy’s replacement, as decided by our committee. All missing puzzle (C) and game (M) pieces, as well as toy packaging (tubs, and bags) are considered vital pieces and you will be asked to reborrow the toy, game or puzzle until the piece is found, or pay a $20 replacement fee. If the fee is paid, the toy will be kept in the toy library storage area for 6 months – hopefully the missing piece will turn up and we can refund the $20 fee. If not, the $20 replacement fee will be used to cover the purchase of a new game or puzzle.

Conditions of Membership

Members are required to complete 6 hours of duty volunteering (three 2-hour shifts ) each 12 months of your Basic or Standard membership. Duty members have first pick of the toys being returned and are also able to borrow a Duty Toy as an extra toy on top of their membership allowance. Premium Members are not required to do duty and may borrow one Duty Toy per term as an extra toy. 

Duty is enjoyable and is a great chance for you to see the range of toys available and meet other families. Feel free to do double shifts or even send another family member on your behalf if this is more convenient for you. 

You can sign up for duty sessions that suit you via your Member Site and also swap out of shifts if you become unavailable.


If you need to remove yourself from a duty shift within 48 hours of the shift, please contact us so that we can allow a replacement member to sign up for your duty, otherwise we may charge you a $25 no-show fee. 

Our massive party Hire range includes awesome kids roller coasters, bubble machines, cosy coupes, slides and picnic tables suitable for parties and events. These toys are reserved via the Hire Toys section of your Member Login. Hire Toys are hired for $5-$30 per week .All Hire Toys must be returned within 7 days. Our party hire range also include jumping castles and a giant ball pit. However these items are currently unavailable due to COVIDsafe restrictions. We hope to be able to add these back into our collection soon. 


Our Public Liability insurer requires Maroondah Toy Library members to sign a waiver before using ride-on toys, for example balance bikes and scooters. It is important that you read the waiver in full before signing it. In breif the waiver states:

  • there is inherent risk when using such toys

  • Maroondah Toy Library is released from any claims if injury or damage occurs

  • parents are required to ensure children wear an appropriate helmet and footwear when using the toy


If you have any questions about the waiver, please speak to a coordinator in session. 

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