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10 reasons our Toy Library membership is the Christmas gift that keeps on giving

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

An amazing testimonial written by one of our new members

We think Leanne has nailed it.....

1. Our membership gave my husband the confidence to finally allow me to declutter our play space and reduce the number of toys we own – without feeling like our kids were somehow missing out. Having a limited number of toys available at any one time has increased independent play in our household significantly.

2. Our extended family are beginning to see the value in gifting experiences over toys for special occasions, as they can see our children have access to everything they want and more.

3. I no longer despair over the bags and bags of toys that we regularly give away (many barely used) that I know will one day become more landfill for an already over-burdened planet.

4. As a Speech Pathologist and mum to a 5-year old with sensory-seeking issues, I no longer have to spend a small fortune on big-ticket items that may or may not meet specific needs.

The toy library has a great sensory range that allows me to trial items first and then decide whether I can justify the cost of purchasing. Or better yet, just keep borrowing the items that work best!

5. My children (aged 5, 4 and 2) have become little experts at packing up thanks to the Toy Library checklist system, and are beginning to treat their own toys with the same respect they have developed for their Toy Library items (I love an incidental win!).

6. The kids are using their existing toys as well as Toy Library favourites in new and imaginative ways as the regular rotation of items sustains their interest for longer periods of time.

7. My husband and I are checking off some of our own self-improvement goals by making use of the Toy Library’s great range of board games for adults and reducing our own screen time.

8. I get just as much excitement (if not more) about our upcoming Toy Library visits as the kids. The possibilities are endless!

9. Who doesn’t love the look of pure joy on a child’s face when they walk into an area full of toys and know they can pick out anything they like? Now I get to experience that regularly without the usual guilt that comes with buying my kids too many things.

10. My kids are becoming less and less attached to possessions which is an amazing thing to see and – additional bonus - makes me feel like a great mum!

New member Leanne

Got any other reasons your toy library membership benefits you and your family? We'd love to hear your thoughts below.

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