During this ongoing time of social distancing and self isolation, we believe it's more important than ever to continue to provide a borrowing service to our members, giving you access to our library of over 4,600 toys, games and puzzles to help get you through this difficult time. 

Our FREE CLICK & COLLECT SERVICE is back better than ever!

  • Three drop off/collection days per week

  • Drop off/collect every Tuesday 10am-12pm, Thursday 1-3pm, Saturday 1-3pm

  • Drop off ONLY every Thursday 10am-12pm, Saturday 10am-12pm

  • BOOK: Book your 30 minute drop off/collect APPOINTMENT through your member site

  • SELECT: Select toys to borrow using the HOLD button on member site

  • CLEAN: Members must CLEAN TOYS, BOXES and BAGS before they can be returned

  • DROP: Leave your returned toys in the DROP ZONE in our outdoor area to be checked and counted later

  • CHECK IN: See the staff member where we will check with you that you have CLEANED ALL TOYS, BOXES and BAGS

  • COLLECT: Your toys will be ready for a contactless pickup in our outdoor area 

Borrowing toys using Click & Collect 

  • You will need to first book a 30 minute appointment for toy pickup via your Member login and then select your toys by placing toy 'Holds' via the site. We will no longer allow browsing within the toy library room. 

  • There are a maximum of 10 appointments available every 30 minutes. 

  • Please continue to borrow only your regular borrowing allowance. If you are on a Basic or 4-Toy membership you should continue to only have 4 toys at home. You will likely have to return toys to do this.

  • Your membership will need to be paid up, with no overdue toys remaining on your account after your visit, in order to borrow. You can check your membership expiry date, toy due dates, and pay your membership via your Member site. 

  • Our standard borrowing period remains at 3 weeks and toys will continue to be due as per usual. Borrowing limits have been doubled to allow for any returned toys that are yet to be counted and checked back into the collection.

  • We will continue to evaluate the situation on a daily basis and at this stage will only be offering appointments for one week at a time. Appointments for the following week will be released around 9am each Saturday morning and fill quickly.

  • To allow all members a chance to book an appointment, we ask that you use Click and Collect no more than once every three weeks.

  • Please finalise your toy selection by the following times to allow time for your order to be packed:
    * 8am Monday morning for collection Tuesday morning
    * 8am Thursday morning
    for collection Thursday afternoon
    * 8am Saturday morning
    for collection Saturday afternoon.

  • We welcome new memberships and ask that you sign up and pay via the Join Now! button above prior to visiting.

Returning toys

Please clean and count all toys prior to return and keep any toys with significant or multiple missing pieces at home - just let us know and we'll be happy to renew them for you.


  • The Department of Health and Human Services' Infection Prevention and Control Unit has provided specific advice to toy libraries including that members must clean toys before returning them. This is now a DHHS requirement so when you return toys we will ask if they’ve been cleaned. If they haven't you’ll need to use our cleaning station to do so. This includes toy bags and boxes. Fabric bags, puzzle sleeves and toy elements must be gently hand or machine washed (please remove any laminated toy labels prior). You can view Toy Libraries Australia's cleaning guidelines here.


  • If you are only returning toys at this time, book an appointment via our member site in one of the 30 minute slots. You can book at any of our five weekly drop of sessions if returning only.

  • Take your toys directly to the 'Drop Zone' in the outdoor area. Toys will be periodically removed from the Drop Zone to our workroom. Here they will counted by duty volunteers, any missing or broken pieces logged against your account, toys will be returned on our system, then returned to the shelves.

  • Place any loose pieces you have recently found at home in the 'Found Pieces' box near the toy room entry.

We have sanitised and disinfected the working spaces within our rooms and will continue to do so regularly. 

Social distancing and health advice 


To follow safe social distancing guidelines, if you are planning to visit the toy library to borrow or return, you will need to book a 30-minute appointment to do so and must wear a face covering as per DHHS guidelines. This ensures that we are practising safe social distancing and keeping the health and safety of our library staff, library members and greater community in mind.

Unlike our previous three month lockdown closure, this time we require members to return their toys by their due date. This will ensure that toys aren't being left in a household for an excessive period of time. If you are unable to return your toys to any of our five weekly sessions, please email us on enquiries@maroondahtoylibrary.org.au. 


If planning to attend toy library please follow government health and social distancing guidelines:

  • Please stay at home if you are experiencing any cold/flu-type symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath.

  • If a member of your family is sick, please keep your toys at home for at least 14 days before return

  • Please wear a face covering.


If you have any questions about this process please email us on enquiries@maroondahtoylibrary.org.au.

Volunteer Duty, Non-duty Levy & Membership Extensions

  • Our toy library can't run without the assistance of our member volunteers and so our Duty roster is again available. Duty volunteers will be working in our back workroom counting, checking and returning toys to the shelves. We will check the temperatures of Duty Volunteers at the start of your shift and require all staff and volunteers to wear a face covering as per DHHS guidelines. There will be no face-to-face tasks performed and social distancing will apply at all times. We request that you don't bring mobile children when performing duty at this time. Non-mobile babies in prams or slings are fine. This is to ensure social distancing guidelines are followed and to prevent duty children playing with toys whilst in the library. 

  • To help us get up and running we ask that all members either sign up to a child-free roster Duty Spot or pay a $25 non-duty fee to excuse yourself for one term - both these tasks can be done via your Member site. This will ensure that we have both enough volunteers to count toys and enough funds to keep your toy library running after our extended closure. If you have booked a Duty Spot and wish to also borrow toys, please place Holds online, but there is no need to also book an Appointment for the same time period.

  • We have previously extended all memberships that were current throughout our closure by 14 weeks to cover the period from 23 March to 28 June that we couldn't provide regular sessions. Memberships either due or begun within our closure period have received an extension equal to the number of membership days missed due to our closure.

    As a not-for-profit organisation with no government support we are financially unable to extend memberships for a second time and have chosen instead to offer extended Click and Collect hours to allow all members the opportunity to continue to access our service throughout this time.  

  • Our standard borrowing period has returned to 3 weeks, however members can still renew their current toys for another 3 weeks through the online member site  

Is visiting our Click and Collect sessions deemed an 'essential outing'? 


The short answer is YES, as our service is considered 'online shopping'. And this is great news for our members. We have received state government approval to operate our Click & Collect service so you can continue to access our library during this difficult time, knowing we have designed a service that is safe for you and your family. For further details, see the Toy Libraries Australia advice here.

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